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Enrolment Procedures


Registration of Primary 1 children takes place in November and is advertised widely in local press etc.  Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school and should contact the school office.

Should you wish to enrol your child(ren) at other stages of the school throughout the year then please call the school office.

Families living outwith the catchment area are welcome to make a placing request to attend St Albert’s Primary School but must enrol their child at their local school as a first step.  Further information is available using the following:


Primary 1 Induction Programme

It is important that pupils and parents feel happy and secure in St Albert’s. We have developed an excellent transition programme with our partner nurseries to ensure that pupils are familiar with the school environment and with some of the staff. We want to form a partnership with all parents/carers from the time of enrolment and through this relationship ensure that we meet the needs of all our pupils.

We will organise a series of half day visits for children and June before the children start Primary 1 in August. The children will work with the class teacher and you will be invited to meet with some of the Senior Leadership Team and various school partners.

All important information is transferred from Nursery and any other establishments as part of our transition programme.


If you have any worries or issues that you need to discuss with regard to your child starting school then please make an appointment to speak to the Head Teacher as soon as possible.